God is so intensely concerned for needy men that He has sent His Son to die for them. The heart of God towards poor, distressed sinners is fully unveiled at the cross. For us to be God-centered means to have this same compassionate heart!

—Tom Wells, A Vision for Missions, 119.

A Vision for Missions by Tom WellsFor many decades The King’s Chapel has been known for its strong support of missions. In 1985 our former pastor, Tom Wells, wrote A Vision For Missions, which is still in print today from the Banner of Truth.

Missions Conference

Since 1991, the King’s Chapel has held an annual missions conference. The missions conference features expositions of Scripture passages that address missions or evangelism, gives reports of the missionaries on the field, and helps our congregation and others pray more efficiently for missions.

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David & Nicky Vaughn

Missionaries to France

David and Nicky Vaughn and children are long-time missionaries to France. Upon arriving to France in 1991, they planted a church for seven years in Chalon-sur-Saône in the Burgundy region of France. Once this church was established they planted a church in Grenoble, France, where they lived and served for over 12 years. The Vaughns now live in the south of France, planting a church in Bouc Bel Air, a suburb of Aix-en-Provence.

The Vaughns have been supported by The King’s Chapel longer than any of our other missionaries, starting in the early 1990s.

David is also adjunct faculty at the “Faculté Jean Calvin,” a Reformed seminary in the city.

Steve Henry

Help with Missionaries in the Muslim World

Steve Henry ministers to missionaries to the Muslim world. He assists sending churches and pastors in shepherding and caring for those missionaries. He “meets” regularly with dozens of missionaries via Skype, email, and other forms of electronic media. (Contact the King’s Chapel for more information, since the information here is obscure due to the sensitive nature of their work.)

Steve and his wife, Robin, were married for 40 years before her death in 2019. They have two grown children.

Steve previously pastored for over 25 years in the United States and in Mexico before beginning his current work helping missionaries. 

Steve has been supported by The King’s Chapel since 2004, when he and his wife were missionaries to Mexico.

Bruce & LuAnn Seivers

Church Planting in Indiana
Bruce and LuAnn, along with five children still at home, are working to plant Grace and Truth Church in southwest Indiana. God has providentially led them to serve in Jasper, IN and the small communities to its west. They focus on the county line corridor of Dubois and Pike counties. They live in Otwell, IN and the church meets in a historic church building in the small town of Ireland, IN

They began serving in these communities January of 2014 sponsored by First Baptist Church of Jasper. They serve as Southern Baptist Missionaries in partnership with the North American Mission Board. The King’s Chapel has partnered with them since they first began.

Michael & Ashley Emadi

Missionaries to the Republic of Ireland

As a child Michael had always been interested in the Republic of Ireland, so when a pastor in Ireland invited to work with him, Michael was very excited. When Michael and his wife, Ashley, visited in person and fell in love with the region and the people, they prayed for the Lord to provide the way. After about a year of raising funds, they moved to County Louth, Ireland, in November 2014. Michael and Ashley work primarily on the Cooley Peninsula as well as helping out at Dundalk Baptist Church.

Michael earned a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Biblical Languages. The Emadis have three children, Liam, Lorelai, and Méav.

The Emadis have been supported by The King’s Chapel since 2016.



Chapel Library

The purpose of the Chapel Library is to humble the pride of man, exalt the grace of God in salvation, and promote real holiness in heart and life by distributing material from Spurgeon, Bonar, Ryle, Pink, and the Puritans to churches, missions, schools, prisons, and individuals. They make their materials available online free of charge, sending books, booklets, and tracts to more than 90 countries.
We fellowship with likeminded ministries and churches.